About the company

We specialise in production of sheet metal components and development of products made from sheet metal according to the orders from our customers. We provide our customers with products and services with the best possible price-on-quality ratio.


Geomine a.s.

Our company was established in Příbram, the Czech Republic, in 1991. Since our establishment, we have focussed on production of sheet metal parts and development of sheet metal products according to our customers’ orders. Throughout the more than 20 years that we have been active in the European market, we have acquired a significant standing among companies which provide comprehensive services in the area of sheet metal processing. At present, we supply our products to all of Europe and our customers mainly include large, multinational companies.


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The quality guarantee

All of the most important production operations are performed at our highly modern facilities which means that you can be sure that you will always receive the highest quality services using the latest techniques aimed at high quality and precision throughout the entire period of the production process and that your order will be completed in the shortest possible time. We have introduced the strict ISO 9001 rules and standards in order to ensure the most reliable inspections. We regularly renew the ISO 9001 certificate.


The current offer

Thanks to our constant development, we now offer comprehensive services which are always adapted to the individual needs of each of you, our customers. Evidence for the previous sentence can be found in the list of the main production operations which our company offers. These are:


• Punching

• Bending

• Welding

• Grinding

• Laser cutting

• Assembly


The sheet metal work is carried out on a modern TRUMPF CNC systems fleet. The preparation of production and product development take place individually according to the wishes and plans of the customer and the currently free capacity: a dedicated development department at our partner organisation is available.


A satisfied customer

The main measure of a success of our company is the number of satisfied customers. All our efforts are aimed at acquiring and satisfying customers to the full extent of their wishes.


We firmly hope that our offer addressed you and that you shall contact us. We will do everything so that you become another worry-free client of our company.


Husova 570

261 02 Příbram VI



+420 318 406 400