We are able to secure production of sheet metal parts/products from the design phase through to the logistics phase according to our customers' wishes. Thanks to the experience of our employees and our high-quality TRUMPF CNC machines fleet, we can guarantee a professional level and the associated high quality of our production made to order.


However, we also offer production sub-operations which we can do for you at the highest possible quality. We try to be as flexible as possible and to secure the orders for you in the shortest possible time.


The preparation and development of production

The preparation and development of production takes place at our specialised workplaces. The following software is used to launch production:


Construction software:

• SolidWorks

• AutCad,

• Pro Engineer Technological software

• ToPs 300 and 600

• JetCa

We work with the following formats:

• 2D – DXF/DWG

• 3D – Solidworks native formats,


• ProEnginnere.


Sheet metal punching

The sheet metal punching is performed using a fleet of TRUMPF machines - currently we have 3 TRUPUNCH 5000 series machines, two of which equipped with the SheetMaster robotised system. Standardly we punch up to the sheet thickness of 2.5 mm (higher subject to separate consultations) and the format of 1250x2500 mm (medium format).


Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting is done on two CNC systems by TRUMPF - TRUMATIC 330 and TRULASER 5030 (FiberLaser category). We cut up to the following thicknesses:

• standard steel sheets - 20 mm

• stainless steel - 12 mm

• aluminium - 8 mm


The maximum sheet metal format is 1500x3000 mm.



We carry out bending operations using the fleet of 8 TRUMABEND machines with the pressing forces of 36 – 170 tons and with the edging length of up to 4250 mm. Two of these systems are operated by robots (BEND-MASTER)



Welding is carried out by MIG-MAG and TIG technologies. We are also equipped for resistance spot welding and firing of bolts and components using electrical charge. Mechanical fastenings are carried out using a PEMSerter category press.



We carry out machine grinding using an RWT wide-band grinder. The maximum dimensions for the processed material are width of 1100 mm and thickness of 160 mm. The minimum material thickness is 0.5 mm. Hand grinding using hand-held angle grinders and vibrating grinders is available as well.


Surface treatment

All the most frequently required surface treatments are available – powder coating (in a fully automated powder coating plant), galvanization, cataphoresis or other. All of these operations are carried out in cooperation with our partners, whereby these suppliers must also meet the same high requirements, as if the operations were performed by ourselves.



The printing operations for our clients are arranged in cooperation with sub-suppliers who use screen printing and tampon printing technologies.


Assembly, packing

Assembly and packing of products takes place using modern packing machines and devices. The entire assembly and packaging process is strictly inspected and all of the products undergo thorough exit inspection.


Transport, logistics

Our offer includes also logistics support up to the delivery of finished products to our customer which is realised in cooperation with professional forwarders. Naturally, our customers also have the option of collecting the products and securing the further logistics by themselves.



Should our portfolio of services be of interest to you or should you have any other questions - please contact us.


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