Welding, spot welding, welding-on nuts, welding-on bolts, stamping, riveting

Welding (MIG-MAG technology) is carried out in three workplaces and newly on an OTC wlding robot with the MIG/MAG technology with the possibility of welding up to 300 A (thickness of the welded material from 0.8 to 6.0 mm). Further, we are equipped with a TIG system and two TECNA resistance spot welding systems for spot welding.


We are also equipped with one JESVA WLP80 pneumatic welding press for resistance welding-on of nuts. Besides this most frequent application, the system can be used also for low carbon steel projection welding as well as cross welding of bars or for standard spot welding.


Further, Geomine is also furnished with an automatic machine for highly precise welding of bolts onto sheet metal pieces of the size up tp 800x800 mm (the maximum bolt diameter of 10 mm). This automated system is equipped with a sophisticated control unit and thanks to the very precise movements along the X, Y and Z axes we are able to secure extremely precise welding-on of bolts of different diameters.


Our workplace is equipped with a PEMserter Series 4 pneumatic press made by PennEngineering for components pressing. This system for mechanical fastening of elements (bolts, nuts, rivets) is a synonym for a fast, precise and effective method of installation.



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